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    You've got a great scenery, Taiwan optical module prices rather than a fall

    2014-6-11    source:    Author:  Viewed:1167

    Recently there have been reports that, according to the aura of high-level private that Huawei tenders scheduled at the end of May the fiber is really no opening, analysts said fiber optic module and other components of the price rise not fall Huawei temporarily open tenders by the end of May the main cause of the case. That is, the optical module prices in Taiwan rose. According to Xiao Bian survey found that the mainland side of the module prices are down, why the difference between the two sides is very obvious? Scenery of Taiwan independence is really good?

    A ripple

    Huawei's focus from the end of May is not open tenders. Huawei is the continent's largest fiber related devices, fiber-related equipment and supplies procurement vendors, normal annual procurement tenders will be conducted once or twice a public tender. Since it is a "standard case" in nature, of course, the buyer wants the seller to lower prices to compete with each other. Coupled with the continent, Europe and other downstream markets vast Huawei, Huawei therefore want "quantity system price", the industry will want to get the best price, therefore, be regarded as an annual highlight of the year in procurement cases.

    Huawei this year rare temporarily opening, or the standard case back deferred, mainly buyer bargaining power purchase orders from 2011 to 2013 in the past has not, so "a lot of" subscript, but let the buyer once shot, will buy in the current range of relatively high-priced, Huawei and negative, so just annulment. In addition, Japanese and American fiber optic components upstream of the plant strong seller mentality, it may be an important reason for the annulment of the decision of Huawei.

    And this is also exacerbated by the third quarter of Taiwan's optical active devices parts, optical passive quote or upward trend will arise.

    Taiwan singing all the way optical communication module prices rise, not fall

    Taiwanese manufacturers of optical communication eye-catching performance in the first quarter of this year, not only that, in the next two quarters, three quarters there will be more exciting performance can be described as the way to "sing."

    It is reported that Taiwan's largest telecommunications provider users Chunghwa Telecom announced on May 29th Founding 4G, 4G base station construction will then carry out in full swing, analysts expect demand for fiber optic cable will be pulled; coupled with the first half of the continent GPON cloth Construction is still ongoing, optical passive optical splitter, fiber optic cable is expected to warming up the goods, and therefore sub-module optical active devices in ToCAN internal key components will continue out of stock, so the expected optical active supply gap devices in the third quarter will be expanded.

    As a result, foreign investors such as Mitsubishi, Avago will be the biggest benefit manufacturers, Japanese manufacturers will accelerate next single optical transceiver modules, but will also sync driven Namiwaka Granville, before Ding, F-Jones grew up in the second half.

    In addition there are good news, fixed-line telecommunications customer broadband speed upgrades, Taiwan and Southeast Asia FTTx cable needs grow, so that nearly half of Taiwan through photoelectric revenues hit record highs, with the mainland and Taiwan telecommunications since the first quarter of this year 4G build another wave of demand driven cable and communications cable, and Taiwan through May peak performance is expected to be refreshed.

    But the situation does not seem like the mainland Taiwan optimistic.

    Continental rainbow night?

    If you press the continent had an optical device manufacturer quarter earnings, the optical device trend is not good, but was too small series also asked the company to know - "Factories busy" "order a lot," although the price is not high, but overall everyone doing well.

    Huawei May after the tenders are not opened, small again found that few manufacturers complain, saying that this year has reduced the price of light module ("very low price"), and even some manufacturers have indicated that low-speed chips and devices dependence on imports! "rainbow night" get serious than imagined.

    Within a few months, the situation changes very overwhelmed. Nevertheless, Xiao Bian still venture to predict the situation to be better than last year, the specific circumstances to be verified.

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